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Puerto Vallarta, is located in the northern region of the state of Jalisco, Mexico City. This city highlighted by the large influx of tourists every year. The Vallarta's Port is third most important port city of Mexico; this being an international tourist destination.

This city is constantly visited by rich and millionaires, which so many of them have become big investor in the city, represented this continued growth of its development. It is a good place for rent apartment in Puerto Vallarta, apartments for rent by day and houses for rent per day.

The rent of apartments and villas for rent in Puerto Vallarta has grown continuously, due to the large number of visitors to the city and want to stay in the comfortable and comfortable apartments with what has this city to stay visitors will be more pleasant and enjoyable. Beautiful sunset in Puerto Vallarta, are the reasons why many people rent apartment in Puerto Vallarta at the edge of the beach, so you have the opportunity to enjoy this beautiful spectacle, which you can enjoy from the comfort of your apartment overlooking the sea.