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Cozumel is a beautiful island of Mexico, located southeast Caribbean Sea. Land of the Swallows, striking for the very interesting activities it can develop due to that you can explore and enjoy the different species that fail to appreciate through water seepage dare rocks. If you are looking in Mexico villas for rent, apartments for rent per day or houses for rent per day, you are in the right place.

Cozumel present a humid climate with abundant rainfall. Surrounded by the hot water of the Caribbean Sea. Cozumel depends on tourism for their development, this island has an International Airport, which it is the access to arrive to the island faster and easier.

One of the main attractions are the beautiful beaches of the island, where the diving is done as part of the main activities there. Being an island dependent on tourism, this has been developed large project for rent apartment in Cozumel, villas for rent in Cozumel, tourist cabins and houses with beautiful sea view.

On this island is celebrates the oldest Carnival Yucatan Peninsula and Fair Cebral, being this is one of the oldest traditions of Mexico and dates from 1848.