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5.- "THE USER" agrees that any and all statements, clauses, terms and obligations contained here, there are not fraud, error, violence or bad faith so that violations of any of them granted the right to rentaenmexico, com to suspend or terminate service to "THE USER", that it has breached by action or omission.
6- The headings used in the clauses of this contract are used only for ease of reference, so it should not be used for the interpretation of the provisions thereof.
7.--Declares "THE PROVIDER" which has full capacity to bind and recruit, and is responsible for providing rental services advertising space to promote income-related or properties in Mexico through the payment of a fee, through the bank or OXXO with invoice.
8.-Declares "The Provider of Services" which is the legitimate representative and owner of the page and web portal
9.-Declares "THE USER" under penalty of perjury, that you are of legal age with full capacity to bind and recruit.
10.- Declares "THE USER" which requires the services of advertising space rental Internet portal called, in order to promote the image and specifications of a real estate property in the Mexican Republic.
11.-Declares "THE PROVIDER" which has the necessary resources to do the job promotion goods "THE USER" in the portal Internet called
12.-"THE USER" hires the services of rent advertising space to promote related to the rental or i sale of real estate in the Mexican Republic, the-through payment of a price in the website called rentaenmé
13.-"THE USER" is obligated to pay in advance to "THE PROVIDER" in fees by advertising your ad, assessed and published on that page the same amounts that will be from 50.00 to 400.00 plus IVA national currency, depending on the type of publication.
14.- "The Provider of Services", is the only required to provide the services offered on the page from payment of "THE USER" be recorded in the system of the service provider.
15. "The Provider of Services states that do not own any of the properties advertised on since this website acts as a meeting to allow" THE USER ", offering rental price considered desirable property located in any part of the Mexican Republic to potential tenants. Consequently "The Provider of Services", is not involved in the actual transaction between the parties.
16.-To be able to access certain services, you may need to provide personal information as part of the registration process to access the specific service, so that "THE USER", declares under oath that any information you enter Rentaenmexico .com is accurate, correct and up to date.
17.- "THE USER" is committed to using the services advertised on the website exclusively for the stipulated and permitted in this agreement ends. So only "THE USER" is responsible for the information you post and promote in
18.-It is the obligation of "THE USER" upload their ads to the page with genuine and truthful information promoting property (texts, photos, videos) and not duplicate the same placing in different sections, so that will be only responsibility and exclusive to "THE USER", if you advertise false information or contrary to law.
19.-When using the website income, "The Service Provider" will provide "THE USER" account and password, whose confidentiality is the responsibility of the latter. Consequently "THE USER", here by agree that you are only responsible for all activities that occur on page under your account and password.
20.- It is not allowed anonymous ads or contact; "The Provider of Services", it will check every ad posted on the site match the identification number provided.
21.- It is the duty of “THE USER” immediately notify “The Provider of Services" of any unauthorized use of your account or password.
22.- "The Provider of Services", is committed by this agreement to receive complaints or claims against announcements on page and transmit the advertiser, having "THE USER", the obligation to address them immediately, adequately informing the final outcome of these complaints and claims to "the Service Provider", in order that the latter may be able to tell if the publication is removed or website.
23.-"The Provider of Services", guarantee at 100% the accuracy of the published information, i.e, if the property has been visited, can not be guaranteed at the time of the visit the property is found in the state in the that the public, because it is the sole responsibility of "THE USER" as has been established in previous clauses.
24.-"THE USER" acknowledges that all information that could find on the website and which have access (like files, photos, text, images, videos) is owned by the person who uploaded the information at you must treat confidentially all the information to which it has access using the website rentaenmé and not disclose any part or content of such information, nor shall use or make any change, transfer, lease, loan, sell, distribute, copy or create works based on that information.
25.-"The Provider of Services" reserves the right to review, evaluate, flag, filter, modify, refuse, place or remove any content posted on the website, which seriously affect the prestige of this website.
26.-"THE USER" accept that is the only responsible for any third party regarding information created, transfered or published on the web page under your account and password; therefore hereby disclaims any responsibility to "THE PROVIDER" any liability that may arise from the negligence of its own facts.
27.-"THE USER", recognizes that domains; and are unique and exclusive to "The Provider of Services" property, as well as the rentaenmexico brand, its logos including all intellectual property rights related to the services described in this contract.
28.-"THE USER" is aware that using income page, NOT granted the right to use the mark, distinctive signs and described above as domains you own.
29.-The parties agree that "THE USER" retain copyright, intellectual property rights and any other rights you already hold about the content you send, post, transmit or display on the website
30.-This contract may be terminated by "The provider of services" when "THE USER" promotes the website false or missing information that may constitute the crime of fraud.
31.-"The Provider of Services", may terminate this agreement without prior notice to "THE USER" when aggregating two justified complaints, for the publications.
32.- "The Provider of Services", may terminate this agreement without prior notice to "THE USER" when aggregating two justified complaints, for the publications.
33.-"The Provider of Services", may terminate this agreement without prior notice to "THE USER", when this fails at any time the terms and obligations here established.
34.-"The Provider of Services" reserves the right of admission regarding publications uploaded to the site
35.- Elapsed contract period it would give terminate this contract and will only be renewed by agreement of both parties. In the case of accepting the contract renewal is understood that "THE USER" accepts the general conditions prevailing at the time of recruitment.
36.-"The Provider of Service", has taken all possible measures to ensure the smooth operation of the service and website called, but can not guarantee the availability and continuity of the same by force majeure. Any forecast of fault-service disruptions will be properly cared for and communicated. If the service is not provided for more than one day, will be offset by the time you have not been active listing.
37.-For the event of a dispute regarding the interpretation of this contract, are subjected to the jurisdiction of the Courts established in this city of Cancun Quintana Roo, with waiving the jurisdiction by reason of present or future domicile may apply.