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Privacy Policy –

In due performance with the provisions of the Federal Law on Protection of Personal Data Held by Private Parties (hereinafter "Act"), this "Privacy Notice" is generated by RENTAENMEXICO.COM, (Hereafter the "SERVICE PROVIDER"), which by its commercial business has the need to collect and process personal data from related parties, such as customers, suppliers and even human resource responsible, through the Manager GANNA SURZHA, residing in Street Calle Rana SM 19 MZ 22 L 58, Villas La Playa, Benito Juárez, Puerto Morelos, Q Roo, who in turn is responsible deciding on the treatment of personal data.
In compliance with the data elements of the privacy notice under the Act, the information we collect from you as holder thereof is as follows:
a) .- Name, last name and / or company name, gender, nationality, occupation and / or profession; b) contact via email and social networks; c) households, particularly commercial and / or tax; d) residential phones and mobile phones, e) Tax information such as the Federal Taxpayers Registry; f) official IDs evidencing personality with which it holds, such as voter registration card, passport, immigration forms, health cards, professional identification card;
By the same nature of the services that the SERVICES PROVIDER, provide by the business relationship in front of you, who is the holder of his personal data, also the collecting financial information and sensitive data which could harm the intimate sphere according to law, therefore the same way, we collect all from you and any dependents the following sensitive data: financial information, as means of payment, bank account numbers, credit card and / or debit card expiration dates, security codes, key interbank, swift.
The personal data that we know of your part are the only and exclusive purpose of:
  • The supply of our services requested and / or hire by you always related to Rentaenmé
  • For quotes and in your case hiring of any service of Rentaenmé
  • For the collection of services purchased by the holder of the data, electronically.
  • Follow up on requests made by you concerning to information, care and services, answering for the medium and timely manner.
  • Evaluate the quality of our services that we provide.
  • Registration and / or record of the contractual relationship for the optimization of future applications.
  • Tracking and financial improvement, billing and in your case to charge.
Additionally, your personal data may be used for the promotion and marketing of products and services offered by the SERVICE PROVIDER and execute evaluations of our services and make contact for knowing our public communications.
The data or information provided to the SERVICE PROVIDER will be treated with strict confidentiality and secrecy, and what its case is considered and / or defined by you as owner of the information as a trade secret and will be used by the SERVICE PROVIDER in the terms established by the Third Title of the Law of Industrial Property. The exception to the above, shall be transferred only by judicial or supervisory authority representative.
THE SERVICE PROVIDER, recognizes the legal process provided by the Act, with respect to the exercise of rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition called ARCO, concerning the content or form of handling personal data for appropriate protection in relation to its storage and in your transmission case, you have right to:
  • LOG IN and know the personal data that we have as well as details of treatment and use thereof by this privacy statement.
  • RECTIFY and / or correct the personal information that you have in case of upgrade or inaccuracy.
  • CANCEL and / or remove the personal data that we have treatment when you consider that are not required regarding the purpose given in the third point of this privacy statement, or that their data is being used for unauthorized purposes or means, or the legal relationship between the SERVICE PROVIDER and you have concluded.
  • OPPOSE the treatment referred to in this privacy statement regarding its use or transfer limit regarding specific purposes.
To exercise any of the rights ARCO forth above, it should prepare a written request to email: or so printed the address indicated in the first paragraph of this notice, addressed to the designated as responsible for the SERVICES PROVIDER, containing the following information and documentation from the applicant:
  1. Name or Social reason.
  2. Official identification of the subscriber.
  3. Address including zip code.
  4. Email.
  5. Your relationship with the SERVICE PROVIDER (Customer, vendor, employee, other).
  6. What right called ARCO is exercising?
  7. By which way requires that it be given answer (ie zip, address, telephone etc).
  8. Clear and accurate data that aims to access, modify, cancel, oppose or limit wording.
  9. The documentation necessary in order to process your request to you.
Once notified by the contact means available, the application described above the SERVICE PROVIDER and received the modifications to be made and have provided documentation to support your request, you are consenting and taken for informed non-reserving action against the information presented in the application, since the grants voluntarily and this same will be temporarily incorporated into our database, giving the appropriate treatment under the procedure of implementation of their rights ARCO, and will have as its purpose to such management.
You will also be reported to the SERVICE PROVIDER will monitor and reply to requests that comply with the above guidelines and as follows:
  1. In case that the information and / or documentation provided in your application is insufficient, incorrect or false, the SERVICE PROVIDER will be required only once, in the same way that you proceeded, within five working days, stating the correction necessary to reinstate the procedure.
  2. In case of having the documentation and / or sufficient documentation, the SERVICE PROVIDER, will have within twenty working days to respond in the same way that you proceeded to give completion to your request.
Any period here indicated will shall take effect from the day after you filed or if corrected information and / or documentation of your application, these deadlines may be extended or extended once for a period equal to or less if your request by either party, by accident or force majeure is justified.
Tacitly when you give us your personal information protected under treatment of this privacy notice, you agree to the SERVICE PROVIDER, you can send them in terms that indicates the Act, on behalf of our business partners and franchisees, as if suppliers of raw material supplies, authorities, certificates or official census, insurance companies and accounting firms, tax or legal contract, thus fulfilling the purposes for which we act against you, and set out in this privacy notice. Otherwise we ask that you let us know the negative transfer of your information according to the procedure mentioned in the previous section.
The SERVICE PROVIDER, who is the controller of the information collected may deny access to personal information, or perform the modification or cancellation or oppose the processing grant thereof, in the following cases:
  1. Where the applicant is not the holder of personal data, or the legal representative is not properly credited for it;
  2. Where personal data of the applicant are not in their database,;
  3. When the rights of a third party are injured;
  4. When there is a legal impediment or resolution of a competent authority which restricts access to personal data, or not allow rectification, cancellation and opposition.
  5. When the rectification, cancellation or opposition has been previously done.
The refusal may be partial in which case the responsible make the access, rectification, cancellation and opposition required by the owner.
In all the above cases, the data controller must inform the reason for its decision and communicate it to the holder, or where applicable, the legal representative, within the deadlines set out in the step #4, by the same means by which it was conducted application.
Now, the national or international data transfers may take place without the consent of the owner when the transfer is provided for in a law or treaty is necessary for the prevention or medical diagnosis, the provision of health care, medical treatment or management of health companies, subsidiaries or affiliate under the common control of the responsible, or a parent company or any associated company responsible operating under the same processes and internal policies; when the transfer being necessary by virtue of a contract concluded or to be concluded in the interest of the holder, the responsible and a third party; where the transfer is necessary or legally required to safeguard a public interest or for the enforcement or administration of justice; when the transfer is necessary for the establishment, exercise or defense of a right to a judicial process, and when the transfer for the maintenance or enforcement of a legal relationship between the responsible and the holder.
THE SERVICE PROVIDER reserves the right to change or updates regarding this privacy statement based on changes in information, policies or internal requirements, including those modifications arising from substantial changes in applicable legislation.
Therefore we recommend that every time you intended to exercise the rights that counts here reproduced, check the terms of this privacy statement available for our customers, suppliers, human resources and third party to our address indicated on the first point above, or on the website:
This privacy statement arises from the day April 4, 2015.
Any kind of information that the SERVICE PROVIDER through its contact services, electronic or remote access that is collected or possibly received automatically by simply accessing to our website or our partners, commercial or contact via email without restriction or specific disqualification, to their data, commonly considered "Cookies" or "JavaScripts" or "beacons" or other technologies to track and trace, which are stored in browsers and / or databases temporary, will be treated as such and not personal information will be considered as such information also includes algorithms and standardization of the systems themselves, is transmitted publicly and voluntarily accepting the terms and conditions that emit the holders of those browsers or vehicles navigation outside the SERVICE PROVIDER.
Once out of stock the instances to which you are subject to the exercise of their rights called ARCO, and subject it to the terms set out in this Privacy Statement to or the responsible GannaSurzha, or any of its affiliates or partners, in its discretion considers that the reply in this regard is not satisfactory, or expects that his right to protection of personal data has been compromised for any omission on our part in against the Federal Law on Protection of Personal data held by individuals, we inform you that corresponds to the Federal Institute of Access to Information and Privacy (for its short FIAIP), which the same law give permission to this Law Faculty as Authority responsible regarding this topic
Whose registered in the Street Calle Rana SM 19 MZ 22 L 58, Villas La Playa, Benito Juárez, Puerto Morelos, Q Roo, C.P. 77580.