Rentaen Mexico
Properties for rent in Mexico
The city of Oaxaca is located south of the country, with an abundant flora and fauna, which are the most coveted enter Mexico.

It is a town that today is inhabited even with Indians, which preserve their cultures and places of great architectural value. It is said that Oaxaca has houses for rent per day, per day rental apartments and villas for rent in Mexico.

Oaxaca is a city rich in cultural monuments; that are interesting attractions such as the Temple of Santo Domingo, with its 21 chapels, in which even religious celebrations are made. We can also highlight the Monte Alban, rather than chief tourist interests, this being one of the most important indigenous capital, for the great cultural treasures found there and these are the most attractive landscapes for those looking to visit Mexico.
This city has a varied weather, which is perfect to pass a vacation with your family.

It is impossible to miss this wonderful city and miss the big and important attractions offered by this interesting places.