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Guadalajara is a  metropolitan city located in the western of Mexico. Is the third most populous city, with an industry-based economy. This being a venue for international industries. If you are looking Mexico villas for rent, apartments for rent per day or houses for rent per day, you are in the right place.

Guadalajara is an important cultural center of the city of Mexico, considered the home of Mariachi, a big attraction of the city. Guadalajara grew very fast in different sectors such as industry and tourism. It is categorized as home cultures, due to their different architectural monuments, where the cultural movements is the most active of all America. Being this city the center of largest festivals.

The climate of this city is hot. These and many other factors make Guadalajara a perfect place to find apartments for rent, rental houses, rental villas Mexico, etc. The large number of visitors has forced the city to dispose of the buildings of modern and comfortable apartments for rent and sell; besides renting of houses, villas and comfortable hotels, which are to deposition of visitors.