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Chicxulub is a town in the state of Yucatan, on the coast of the Gulf of Mexico, with a small coastal town of about 5000 inhabitants. If you want to rent apartment in Chicxulub, you have to come to Chicxulub and see the houses for rent per day in Chicxulub.

One of its main activities is fishing, trade and tourism. Is found 8 km East of the port of Progreso, 40 km.

Therefore, it often confused the small port of Chicxulub, with the inner town of Chicxulub village and the municipality of the same name. If you want to holiday in Chicxulub, search apartments for rent per day or houses for rent per day, you are in the right place.

Chicxulub has a place called the place of lit Toponimia horn or nailed by derived from the Mayan voices. Place where culture and fun combine for a good time.

In addition, the Puerto Chicxulub, is famous for being the epicenter of the crater that took his name, caused by the impact of a meteorite collided with Earth about 65 million years ago.

It also has a population of roughly 5,052 inhabitants, of whom 2,556 men and 2,496 women.

It is a small community which is ideal for recreating and rest. You can come and rent apartment in Chicxulub, comfortable houses and have a great time here.